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All the omens for the next recession are palpable. The only question is how deep the crisis will be and what will trigger it. It is safe to say that nothing has been learnt from the Great Recession of 2008/2009. Despite promises of systemic transformation: tough new regulations, breaking up of the large banks, taxes on speculative transactions etc., the financial system remains unchanged, shielded by the Basel IV regulations framework, serving as a fig leaf. (više…)

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Za mesečnik CorD koji izlazi u Beogradu na engleskom jeziku, napisao sam tekst o Brexitu. Tekst se nalazi na ovom linku:


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Intervju je dat na engleskom jeziku, pa je preveden na nemački i objavljen uz redakcijsku obradu. Oni koji znaju nemački intervju mogu naći na adresi https://www.jungewelt.de/artikel/351281.serbien-muss-wirtschaftliche-vorgaben-von-eu-und-iwf-befolgen.html.

Ovde je izvorna, engleska verzija intevjua. (više…)

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Serbia on the Baltics

According to hints by the new government, the road to Serbia’s economic recovery could follow the Baltic model. Painful reforms should be implemented quickly and decisively; as quickly as was done, for example, in Estonia from 1992 to 1994. Once the reform processes are completed, Serbia too could, with a little luck, become as miraculously successful as the Baltic states are today.

What lessons were learned from the Baltic experience, what are the key elements of success and what ideas form its foundations? [1] (više…)

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The great economic crisis, or the great recession as it is now increasingly referred to, has led to changes in the way Westerners perceive their lives. The future is no longer as certain and stable as it once seemed. Dysphoria, fear, doubt and resignation have replaced the shallow triumphalism, which has dominated the international stage since the collapse of socialism in the 1990s.

For a brief moment it seemed that the crisis could open up a constructive debate on existential, system-wide issues concerning modern capitalism and the contemporary world. This hope, however, was short-lived, and in the visible part of the world stage (which is the only one that matters) the debate is superficial and disappointingly economistic. (više…)

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